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Meet the Coach   

I’ve always had an interest in how things work. 

As I moved away from my childhood propensity to break things – even as I tried to figure them out – I also became interested in figuring out how to fix what was broken.  

It was not long before my interest turned to people.  What makes us tick?  What slows us down?  Can we be and feel and act more effectively?  I’ve spent my adult life looking both inward and outward, seeking to understand how we do what we do.  

It is this experience and skill-set that I share with my clients, helping them to find and apply their wisdom and understanding so they can move forward in a direction that makes sense for them.  At various times I may act as a guide, motivator, mediator, mirror, or mentor.  

As your coach you can expect me to bring to our work together a love of humor, an Olympic capacity to brainstorm, and a knack for getting to the bottom of things.  

Here are some of my other qualifications: 


• Extensive undergraduate coursework in psychology

• Supervised experience as a peer counselor

• Associate’s degree in business administration

• Mediation

• Advanced motivational interviewing

• Smoking cessation

• Weight and stress management

• Nutrition


• Over fifty years as a singer-songwriter and guitarist

• More than twenty-five years entrepreneurial experience

• Brain injury family member/caregiver

• Peer mentor for caregivers of those with disabilities

Former co-host of weekly radio interview show, Life Simplified Radio

• Behaviorally based positive dog training

• Facilitator of local small office/home office professional group

• Board-level volunteer experience in city-wide cost-avoidance recycling program

• Robust problem-solving experiences in cabinetmaking, woodworking, home repair, computer trouble-shooting, and being a supportive partner and friend


• Advanced clinical hypnotherapy

• Advanced motivational interviewing

• Mediation

• American Lung Association -  Freedom From Smoking™ facilitator

• Tobacco treatment specialist

• Certified Lifestyle Counselor / Stress and Weight Management