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I Coach for Wellness and Resolve

Life Coaching is a partnership that challenges the status quo by:

Assisting the client in articulating goals and objectives;

Facilitating the process of change and growth; and

Empowering the client to move toward a desired outcome.

Together we move from chaos to order; from complexity to strategy; from information to insight.

We explore issues, challenge assumptions, prioritize goals, uncover hidden values, and develop strategies to overcome obstacles.

How this happens - the process - is simple.  It’s fun, really.  We meet.  We talk.  We figure things out.  You are an expert on you.  I have a lot of training and experience brainstorming.

Somewhere in that blending of minds and meaning, a path forward becomes evident.  When it does, Eureka! You know what to do!  And you have new tools and understanding to go forward.

“I have a brain injury from a stroke.  I read about the health benefits of things I should do, but it is hard for me to implement them.   Ross is able to help me.   He is persistent in helping me find other ways to deal with my frustrations.   He is kind and patient, and I recommend him to anybody.”